Mystic ERA games is a small game development company in the Netherlands run by a solo independent game developer.

Meet the team

There is no team, it's just Roel, born in 1984 in the Netherlands. Parttime web developer, parttime game developer. Let's keep this on a strictly need-to-know basis. In fact, you probably know too much already...

Company Info

  • Name: Mystic ERA games
  • Official start date: 01-01-2022
  • KVK: 84909366
  • BTW-id: NL004040031B50


Before you send a mail, please be advised: Mails about collaborations, free game codes, internships or job opportunities always seem to magically disappear somehow and will probably stay unanswered forever. If you are experiencing this, your government is probably behind it and you should try contacting them instead of me. Good luck.

For other topics:

[email protected]