Age of Jura - Release Notes

Latest release

1.2.9 - July 28th, 2023

Build ID: 11810600


  • Achievement "gathered[Wood/Stone/Leather]" is not correct when loading a game (when loading 2 minutes later, the 'last minute' items are gone) - Apply the time difference between the savegame and loadgame.
  • Fix several spelling errors and oddly phrased texts ( from steam discussion board )
  • Villagers must stop their harvesting task when you rightclick on a storage (only drop off the items and then stop at the storage).
  • Villagers must not automatically switch to a resource when they are only AutoLooting items from the ground
  • Villagers: AutoBuilding unfinished structures must have higher priority then AutoLooting
  • Sometimes unbuild structures are not build: look for the closest Villager available instead of the closest human (other human types can not build structures!)
  • (from 1.2.9-dev) SaveGames from older versions (<=1.2.8) are not applying the new 'isHarvesting' for villagers automatically, causing all harvesting villagers to stop at the resource after loading.


  • Villagers with a gathering task and autoloot enabled should first scan the area for similar items on the floor (and pick them up) before starting to harvest a resource
  • When rightclicking on a storage, only villagers that are carrying something must walk to the entrance position
  • Save the current game version number inside each savegame from now on, so in the future on loading an older savegame any migration/conversions can be done easier.
  • Performance improvement: Dinosaurs must not scan the surroundings at every frame
  • Performance improvement: use fixed framerate for minimap
  • Performance improvement: Collect data once and share with all humans for surrounding checks (instead of 'finding' data for every human separately)
  • Performance improvement: Human animation event lookup scripts: don't use an array of strings to look what animation is playing (FireArrowStep1,FireArrowStep2,etc), but use tags (FireArrow), no iteration needed anymore
  • Performance improvement: Replace all distance checks for 'InRange/InFlatRange/Closest' lookups with sqrMagnitude
  • Performance improvement: Replace 'FindObjectsOfType<>' with existing structure references for highlighting nearby Knowledge Huts and Meditation Cloths
  • Possible performance improvement: Remove all test gameobjects in the Scene when building a release (Build.IProcessSceneWithReport)

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