Age of Jura - Release Notes - 0.2.3

0.2.3 - May 27th, 2022

Build ID: 8694495

  • New research: "Sharp Arrows" (Archers do more damage) - only available after research 'Archery' is completed
  • Show a notification somewhere in the screen if any of your structures or units are under attack
  • Villagers are now able to repair damaged structures
  • Create selectable groups of units to have more control (quicker selections when attacking) usage: select a group of units, press CTRL+1 to assign to group 1. Select another group of units, press CTRL+2 to assign to group 2. Now you can quickly press the key 1 to select group 1, and press the key 2 to select group 2 (works for all number keys 0-9). Comes in handy when for example you want your warriors to be in the front and your archers following at a distance: create a group for your warriors and a group for your archers and while attacking switch between the groups.
  • A Dinosaur will first go to sleep at the spot where it will create a new nest, to make it visually clear that a new nest is being created (you can quickly kill that dinosaur if you don't want another nest)
  • Got rid of the difficult calculation for new nests, now: after a dinosaur of any nest is attacked, a random dinosaur of that nest will wonder off after a certain time to create a new nest (it will first sleep at that spot)
  • New nests will be created further away from the current nest
  • Added an option in the menu to change the brightness of the game
  • Disable the minimap in the Arena
  • Bugfix: The edges of the Arena were visible, they are now hidden
  • Bugfix: Remove the 'corner-darkness' (vignette) after a level has started
  • Bugfix: Fix the mouse hover bug when hovering over 'build structure' panel
  • Bugfix: Fix rare animation bug for archers
  • Bugfix: When a structure is placed on the edge of the water, the ground will lift a bit higher up to avoid water flowing 'into' the structure
  • Bugfix: Humans were getting stuckbetween two smelters if they were placed too close to each other
  • Bugfix: When the multiplier 5x or 10x was selected (at a structure) then the amount of costs for a new structure also did show they costs 5x or 10x more
  • Bugfix: When x-ray is disabled, and selection is still active, the selected units are still highlighted in green (instead of blue)
  • Bugfix: Fix bug where sometimes Villagers can be shown as 'idle' but they are not (they are just standing still a split second after dropping off stuff for example)

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