Age of Jura - Release Notes - 0.1.8

0.1.8 - February 20th, 2022

Build ID: 8239731

  • Bugfix: Rightclick on an item/resource: non-villagers now also move to that point and do not stand still
  • Bugfix: Disable colliders on 'carried' items, which caused humans to move on top of each other weirdly
  • Bugfix: Removed a long waiting time for villager on item drop (making each villeger much more 'responsive')
  • Villagers drop resources at the entrance of a storage instead of in the middle of the storage
  • Villagers gather on a random point around the resource, not all at the same spot
  • Easier selection of small animals: each animal now has a surrounding selection area (before it was almost impossible to 'target' a Compsognathus from a distance)
  • Nests expand after an animal of that nest is being attacked and the nest has at least 2 animals or max-2 animals left (+ after nest-expansion delay timer)
  • The nest-expansion timer resets every time an animal is being attacked, thus so long you keep attacking, the nest will not expand
  • Add texts on Research Recipes on mouse hover, so you know what the icon stands for
  • Re-order the Research list (smelting before warriors/archery because you need that first)
  • Changed Spearthrower animation and make it a bit faster
  • Flash a red color when rightclicking an animal (attacking) + flash a blue color on rightclicking an item (pickup)
  • Loose items on the ground now also have a blue outline on selection (skin/meat/etc)
  • Fishing spots now contains 1000 fish instead of 100
  • Speed up healing at firepit
  • Reduce food costs for healing (now 5 food = 25% health increase, was 20 food for 20% health increase before)
  • Reduce most costs to have a more active gameplay experience
  • Reduced Spearthrower range to 7 (was 10)
  • Reduced Spearthrower attackdamage to 5 (was 7)
  • Reduced Villager attackdamage to 1 (was 3)
  • Reduced Villager/Spearthrower health to 25 (was 100)
  • Reduced Archer health to 100 (was 150)
  • Increased sword detection range (now sword-attackrange + 3, was sword-attackrange + 2)

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