Age of Jura - Release Notes - 0.2.0

0.2.0 - March 17th, 2022

Build ID: 8390960

  • Created a "Crafting Multiplier" option at each crafting menu (to craft 1, 5 or 10 items at once) - NOTE: Right click on the craftable icon = remove the amount from the craft queue !
  • If (in the case of crafting Humans) a Crafting Multiplier amount is set (for example 5) and the MaxPopulation is not reached but also hasn't got room for 5 more, a special message will be given on mouse hover (to reduce the amount)
  • Added X-Ray Vision: When researched and activated (by icon or pressing 'V') it consumes Knowledge Points while active, and it will show the world in grayscale, with all your structures/units light up in green, resources in blue and animals/nests in red. With the X-Ray vision it's much easier to locate hidden stuff behind a bunch of trees.

Example of the X-Ray Vision:

Compared to the same location without X-Ray Vision:

  • Minimap: The minimap now has a cirle shaped mask
  • Minimap: The whole map now rotates the same way as the world is rotated, the arrow (angle pointer) is now removed
  • Minimap: The minimap now uses an orthographic camera view (usually used for minimaps)
  • Minimap: A map only has to be researched on the training level (world 1), on all other levels the minimap is directly available.
  • Bugfix Selections: When multiple human-types are selected, the minus button (bottom) now works properly (and with CTRL pressed, you can do 'minus one' of one kind)
  • Added World 6 "Skull crushers" (with new dinosaur: Pachycephalosaurus)
  • Added World 7 "Pointy toddlers" (with new dinosaur: Triceratops)
  • The new dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus and Triceratops will do damage to multiple humans if they are close to the attack area (head). So a large group of humans can now be killed quickly by these type of animals.
  • Fishing: Catching a fish now takes a bit less time then before
  • Fishing: Every fishing spot has an 'entrance' for villagers to walk to and to start fishing. This is now visually shown with leaves.
  • Fishing: It is not possible anymore to build a structure on top of a fishing spot 'entrance' (to avoid a bug that villagers won't be able to walk up to a fishing spot when there is a structure)
  • Any placed structure foundation will be automatically build by the closest villager, it will pause it's current task to build the structure.
  • Bugfix: Villagers can now harvest right near the entrance position of a storage (Example of the bug shown in v0.1.8 : )
  • Bugfix: When a dino is killed near a structure it can drop meat/skin under the structure. These items will now be moved to the entrance of any structure, so villagers can reach it.
  • Bugfix: Structures can now be build on places where items are laying on the floor
  • Bugfix: When an action is finished (Build/Chop/Mine...) then reset the destination of that human (it sometimes used to walk into a structure for example after building)
  • Bugfix: Camera movement with the mouse on the screen edge while you are rotated now works correctly (the rotation was ignored before)
  • Bugfix: Placing a structure in a world with many structures was causing the game to run very slowly during the visibility of the structure placeholder
  • Bugfix: There is now a small delay between selecting a structure to build, and the actual placement (to avoid a bug that sometimes a structure would be placed directly after selecting it in the menu)
  • Bugfix: The screen is not frozen anymore when an animal drops a large amount of meat/skins
  • Now max 40 houses can be build instead of 20 (is 80 max population without researches (402) or 200 (405) population with full researches)
  • Humans and animals can not walk through buildings anymore
  • Animals will automatically heal their wounds over time
  • Updated world 2: Added some more ground for building structures
  • Updated world 3: Added more trees
  • Add more fishing spots/trees (various worlds)
  • Storage: add barrels to the back of the storage so you can see what's the front (where villagers will go to drop their stuff)
  • Reset/normalize the foundations (wooden beams) of unbuild structures
  • The 'Troodon' dinosaur is now stronger (more attack damage, more speed)
  • When an animal is killed the meat/skin will now be rotated randomly
  • Reduce some research costs
  • Every tree now produces more wood
  • Every rock now produces more stones
  • Dinosaurs now travel to the edge of a structure and then directly attack, instead of using the center of a structure.
  • If the warrior/archer is not researched yet but you get one at the start of a level, the 'idle' button of that human type will also be shown
  • Show a mouse hover message when a structure can not be build with the error message directly shown (for example, 'not enough resources' or 'max 40 huts can be build')
  • Make the mouse text area a bit wider to support larger one-liner.

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