Age of Jura - Release Notes - 0.2.4

0.2.4 - May 28th, 2022

Build ID: 8827741

  • Bugfix: Shooting a projectile (spear/arrow/spit) was very laggy (bug was introduced in v0.2.3 by the 'under attack' message)
  • Bugfix: The researched speed was only applied on the in-game units and not on the newly crafted units
  • Bugfix: Instantly update the max population limit after a hut is build or destroyed
  • Improve the topright corner UI: Grey-out the unit icon in the topright corner if you don't have any units of that type
  • Improve the topright corner UI: Be able to select all (+idle) units of a specific type instead of only the idle ones (hover with the mouse over the icon to see the current amount of units of that type, click to select all, click on the 'idle' button below that to only select the idle units of that type)

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