Age of Jura - Release Notes - 1.1.0

1.1.0 - March 31st, 2023

Build ID: 10903703

  • Watchtower: NEW structure! (will attack nearby animals with arrows)
  • Watchtower: The attack range is visible when selected and when placing
  • Watchtower: The more you have, the more another one will cost (this forces you to place them more strategically, and not just all over the place)
  • Watchtower: Attack damage can be changed in the difficulty settings
  • Nests: Adjusted the default difficulty settings: increase the time in seconds for a nest to expand after an animal of that nest was attacked, easy=180s (was 60s), medium: 120s (was 20s), hard: 60s (was 10s)
  • Spearthrower: Increased attack range (7 to 11) + attack damage (+1 for each difficulty level)
  • Human attack: When an animal is getting attacked by a human, nearby animals from the same species also attack you, so make sure you attack animals which 'wonder off' slightly from the others
  • Watchtower attack: When an animal is getting attacked by a watchtower, nearby animals (but a larger range comparing to a human-attack, and also animals from other species) will also attack you. This makes the watchtower a bit less interesting as a 'tower rush' attack strategy, because the animals will join forces to take down your towers. It's still best for defense!
  • Villagers give priority to the last item they were carrying, if they see stuff on the ground (not just the closest)
  • Firepit has increased 'lifetime', it was losing 1 health each 5 seconds, causing it to burn up after about 8 minutes, it now loses 1 health each 10 seconds, causing it to burn up after about 16 minutes.
  • Added 2x iron ore rock to the second map which did not yet have iron ore (will not show up on savegames from older versions, only when you start this level again fresh)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a 'loop effect' when damaged villagers were healing at a Firepit, and then stopped to 'repair' the firepit. (Firepits can not be 'repaired' anymore, use the icons when selecting a firepit to give it more fuel)
  • Bugfix: Dragging a selection when 'starting' on an object (left-clicking a tree/resource etc) is now possible (it used to just select the left-clicked object, but it will now do the real selection after a 'mouse-up')

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