Age of Jura - Release Notes - 0.1.2

0.1.2 - January 20th, 2022

Build ID: 8055378

  • BUGFIX: Humans + Dinosaurs don't get in the way anymore of placing structure blueprints on the ground
  • BUGFIX: Add some Coal Rocks in World 2 (so Fire Pit can be researched)
  • Smaller Human radius for local avoidance pathfinding (to avoid not being able to get to a storage at the same time with many humans)
  • Main Menu: Added a green 'tick' image to each completed world for better visibility
  • Spawn position outside of a structure is now randomized (close to the entrance) so humans don't stack up on each other
  • Changed the in-game Menu panel (background + show version number)
  • Add 3 more buttons on screen to quickly select idle humans (total 4 buttons now)
  • Idle buttons for warriors+archers only become visible after the research is completed (Warriors/Archery)
  • Idle texts in buttons now have disabled colors when amount is 0
  • Selected units will reset their idle time after rightclicking somewhere (so the idle buttons are directly updated)
  • Spear now costs 15 wood (was 20)
  • Iron Bar now costs 5 Iron Ore and 1 Coal to make
  • Bow now needs 3 Iron Bars + 25 wood to make
  • Sword now needs 5 Iron Bars + 10 wood to make
  • Reduce Warrior Research costs: 15 Skins (was 20), 25 Iron Bars (was 50)
  • Reduce Warrior Research costs: 35 Iron Bars (was 50)
  • Reduce Archer Research costs: 10 Leather (was 15)

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